Our company that was established in 1967 and since the establishment, it has presented its knowledge and resources, experiences and service quality approach in an customer-oriented manner until today, so it takes it market share in a best possible way. It produces parts made by Aluminium and Zamak alloys with the method of compressed die casting under the requirements of ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System certificate.

The experience and the knowledge of years, design, mould and casting of many parts are realized with an experienced and expert team. Our company who gives importance to the environment diversifies its range of products by adding automotive, white goods, machinery, construction, gas flood instruments in different sectors.

It serves many leading company in the country and abroad in the fields of aluminium and Zamak production of parts.


"Manufacture of casting and mould of any desired part "


As an aluminium and Zamak casting company, we achieve the processes from design of the moulds to treatment, from casting to packaging under our own facilities.

We provide higher quality with efficient costs.

We can perform the casting of aluminium and Zamak parts at the interval of 1 gr and 5000 gr with our experience more than 20 years.


* Mould design

*Material analyse

* Injection press casting of the parts

* Surface cleaning works

* Part montage

It continues its operations with great accurateness and importance.